IMS Policy Statement

Centroid Technical Services Co. Ltd. management considers Quality of services, the Health and Safety of workers and protection of the environment as fundamental in achieving business excellence. CENTROID is always committed to implement the Integrated Management System (IMS) and to:

• Provide the necessary processes for continually improving the  Quality, Health, Safety and Environment within all CENTROID activities.

• Apply effective IMS to prevent and minimize injury, occupational health hazards, property damage and environmental impacts.

• Ensure that the facilities it designs, builds and the services it provides are in accordance with appropriate legal requirements, industry standards and best practices.

• Provide the necessary resources, organization, system and training and shall communicate with employees, clients, contractors, customers, suppliers and the public in the appropriate matters on Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

• Record non-conformance and incidents at all levels, share lessons learnt to prevent recurrence and ensure that efficient work practices are established.

• Ensure that contingency plans are in place and maintained to deal with emergencies and shall periodically review the quality, health, safety and environment management system and practices to ensure their continual improvement.

• Empower all employees to not execute any work that does not follow safe work practices.

• Make QHSE excellence , both an individual and management responsibility.

• This policy shall be reviewed regularly to validate and update the effectiveness of  our IMS, committed for participation and consultation with employees and other stakeholders through appropriate channels.

• CENTROID expects all its employees and contractors to strictly adhere to this IMS policy at all times.

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